Hello! We are Landmark Fisheries Research, a unique, creative company making high-quality fisheries research accessible and relevant for individuals, communities and governments.

Our mission

To promote and support sustainable fishing communities. We believe that engaged and informed people are critical for ensuring sustainability. This lies at the core of everything we do. 

Our start

We were founded in 2014 by Dr. Ashleen Benson and Dr. Sean Cox, who both have been involved in fisheries science and management for over 25 years. We are based in beautiful Port Moody, BC Canada, but work seamlessly with clients from all around the world.

What we do

We help the fisheries community focus energy and resources on scientific issues that help maintain sustainability in a sea of ecological and political change.  

People come first

Although we do rigorous and globally-recognized data analysis, modelling, and scientific communication, our priority is being intentional about serving our clients. It shows in everything – from our shared approach to problem solving, to what we value and believe.

Our approach

Our team members are multi-disciplinary professionals, drawing on expertise in fisheries science, natural resource policy, decision theory, management science and risk assessment. We provide tailored solutions, software, and training for specific scientific and management problems.